Monday, October 17, 2011

Feast in 15

One of my favorite blogs for recipes and ready-planned menus is Eat at Home.  They have recently written an eBook with even more great ideas for eating well at home instead of eating out.  What I love about Eat at Home is that the menus and shopping lists are ready to go.  Feast in 15 includes ideas for preparing meals in only 15 minutes, as well as 2 weeks worth of menus and shopping lists. 

For the blog's 3rd anniversary, there will be a huge sale on Feast in 15 tomorrow, October 18th.  Normally just $4.99, you'll have the chance to grab this great resource for as little as 49 cents! A limited number of copies will be offered at each price, so get yours early to grab the best deal.

The first code goes into effect at 6am CST on the 18th. It gets you Feast in 15 for 49 cents! The code is FEAST49 

Those went fast! Now the price is 99 cents and the code is FEAST99 

The new code is FEAST199 to grab Feast in 15 for only $1.99! Good luck!


*These are affiliate links, so if you by Feast in 15 through this page, we'll get a portion of the proceeds.  Thanks!

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