Tuesday, February 21, 2012

I want to remember...

Angie wrote about the Things that make her smile. It made me think. While I read her post, there were so many little things going on here that I normally take for granted, but they make me smile and I always want to remember them.

Here's my list:
  • JT in his various states of undress and frequent pajama days
  • JMC trying to play on the computer
  • JA reading to her brothers
  • JA telling me she likes me helping out with her theatre class
  • JMC stealing food from JT's plate
  • JA tricking JT into reading
  • JMC following the dog and bringing her food from the dog bowl
  • JA singing along to Jaci Velasquez on her CDplayer
  • JMC grabbing our legs and saying, "Got you"
  • JT asking me to read a book to just him everyday at nap time

Thanks, Angie, for helping me see the little things.

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