Saturday, February 18, 2012


We've been in danger of sinking into the muddy abyss around here for the past two days. We're only safe if we take at least one of the following precautions:
  • use a laundry basket boat to get from room to room
  • wear pantuflas (slippers help you float better)
  • step on baby blanket lily pads
  • paint your toenails
  • imagine it's only water and swim
Now, I did not do any scientific experiments to ascertain why the above safety measures work, but according to my children, they do work. Of course, I haven't kept to the rules at all times.  The kids explanation for why I haven't sunk into the swamp is that there is still a tiny bit of nail polish on my toes. 

If your house suddenly becomes completamente lodoso, you may want to consider JA and JT's advice. (I really hope the mud goes away soon, I'm a little tired of the boats and lily pads everywhere!)

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