Thursday, February 23, 2012


I've been feeling in a rut with school lately. Not enough fun, too much repetition. So, I talked with Papi (he usually comes up with great solutions that don't even occur to me on my own) and he made a few suggestions. We began about 2 weeks ago, and things are already feeling better.

First, most days I have a scheduled time one-on-one with JT. We play on the tablet, we read, we play a board game. It's only 15 minutes, but it has made a huge difference in his attitude and behavior for the rest of the morning. (All bets are off when it comes to naptime; which he no longer wants, but I so desperately need most days.)

Second, we finished science for the year before Christmas, with the intention of focusing on history second semester. Well, we never bought the history text we had chosen, so there was a big gaping hole in our day. We found a history curriculum we like, and have worked that into our day. It may not sound very exciting, but most of our projects and discussions come from our science and history studies, so it really has made a difference.

Third, I am trying to plan more art and craft projects. The kids love them, I really dislike the mess. I know it's important though, and I'm trying to encourage more art time and plan ideas for projects a few times each week. Especially when we're stuck inside due to the weather or illness, a good art project can really lighten the mood and help us all relax a bit. Until I have to clean up the mess.

Of course, this past week JT was sick, so our routine wasn't very, well, routine. But, the idea is there, and we did make it through one week just fine, so I really think this is going to work. For now. We'll have to reassess in a couple of weeks when the weather changes or a child moves into a new phase.  :)

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