Wednesday, June 13, 2012

El zoologico

After a wonderful time at the beach, we decided to take our time getting home. So, we drove to Birmingham, AL, visited the zoo (we got in free with our MPZ pass) and stayed the night at a great hotel. The S. family had stayed at this hotel on the way down to FL and told us about it. Included with your stay is a free dinner, popcorn until 11pm, and free breakfast. How nice to not have to drive around an unfamiliar town looking for places to eat!

Our family loves going to the zoo, which is why we have a zoo pass. The Birmingham Zoo was great. It wasn't too big or too crowded, everything was clean, and the exhibits looked well taken care of.

They all wanted to walk with Papi

This bobcat was pacing right in front of the glass!

This is for you, Uncle A.  - a tower of turtles!

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  1. Thanks for sharing your vacation with us! It looks like you had a wonderful, wonderful time. What a blessing!! So happy for you.