Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La piscina

The cottage we rented is part of a small neighborhood that forms an oval, with a pool in the middle. Our home backed up to the pool, so we enjoyed it nearly every day, usually in the evening when the sun wasn't as strong.

JMC trying out his boat

Between suits, towels, sunblock, floaties, & toys, it was quite a process getting  into the pool

JMC loved this boat (thanks S. family!) and used it every time we went to the pool for the first week and a half.

JT wore this floatie whenever near the water, pool or beach. He tripped getting into the pool once and fell in head first. He was so proud that he remembered to grab onto the floatie and not let go, as well as to hold his breath. Thank God his cousin was close by and flipped him over just as soon as I noticed what was happening, and Papi was there to help not even a split second later. It was a scary moment, but more for us than for JT.

using the water bomb as a microphone

They were excited to be allowed in the hot tub.

By the end of our trip, JMC ditched the boat and began "jumping" off the side. 

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