Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La boda

The wedding that brought about our trip was for one of Papi's brothers. He actually lives in California, as does Papi's other brother, and we hadn't seen them in 4 years (our last vacation.) It was so good to see everyone. This is the first time since our wedding that everyone was together.

The wedding was beautiful. We brought along changes of clothes for the kids, and one of the bride's aunts brought beach toys for them to play with during the reception. There was a photo booth, music, dancing, yummy food, and the cutest cake topper. Everyone had a great time and our children didn't melt down despite the very late night.

The afghan I crocheted for the bride and groom, based on the colors from the restaurant

Just before the ceremony began; the 10 seconds JMC sat still and didn't cry. Once the bride walked down the aisle, JMC & I walked the other direction and hung out in the back with the most precious 4 month old baby and his papa.

Wow! a family picture! :)

Papi and his siblings

Isn't that cake topper the coolest?!
 The reception:

all the cousins, except JMC

Don't worry, it's just Sprite.

Felicidades Tio E. and Tia L.!

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