Monday, June 11, 2012

La playa

After 4 years since our last big (more than a long weekend) vacation, we were blessed with a family wedding in Florida. Wow! No way to try and put it off another year, we had to go on vacation! :) So, with the destination and date set, Papi decided we should make the most of the drive and stay for 2 whole weeks! We stayed in Seacrest, FL, which is in between Destin and Panama City, on the Gulf of Mexico. It was beautiful! And, for everyone who said that our family really needed a vacation, let me be honest and say that I didn't believe you, but you were right. It was so good to have time to relax and have fun as a family without the stresses from the past year.

JMC wasn't too excited about the ocean at first
Trying to get JMC accustomed to the sand. It took a couple of days.

The path to our neighborhood's private beach

JMC warmed up to the sand after a few days.

Saw this sign after the kids got in trouble by beach patrol for climbing the dunes

Swim shoes made a world of difference!

JT & Tio patrolling the beach

Look at that - he's in the water & not crying!

One of the few times JA got in the water. This day presented us with the calmest waves while we were there.

This was JT's beach look 

JA took it upon herself to move sand  out of the waves' path. :)

JT & his cousin LAS

We threw the fish back each day, but we brought the sea mussels, snails, sand crabs, etc. home to observe. We learned so much, and it was a blast watching the little creatures swim around and bury themselves in the sand. They made paths in the sand over night and stuck up feelers in search of food. We returned them to the beach the next morning and brought home new creatures each day.

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