Friday, June 27, 2014

Buscando a Lincoln

So, we live in one of the many towns with a claim to President Lincoln. Since last August, when we began studying American History, JT has been interested in learning about President Lincoln. And then, while driving through downtown one day in September, he saw the sign that said, "Looking for Lincoln." I promised we would check it out when we got to that part of History. A couple of weeks ago, after our school year was already over, we finally had a free day with beautiful weather, and we went looking for Lincoln with some friends. We did the rubbings tour, which is free(!) and also seemed to be the best suited for a group of 7 children, ages 11 months-9 years, and 2 moms. :)

How many shots until everyone looks at the camera? Also, we dd this at the beginning, before we were all tired out. :)

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