Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camping - Saturday

JL had a difficult time sleeping. She would fall asleep just fine, and then wake up about 30 minutes after we laid her down. Papi took the first half of the night, and I took the 2nd. Finally, Papi mentioned JL might be cold, and I knew where I had packed extra layers. So, we bundled her up more and she fell asleep and stayed asleep. That was dawn.
When I woke up, Papi and the older 3 were up and out exploring, and this beautiful baby was fast asleep. 

Isn't she cute?
un caracol!

JT spent quite a bit of the weekend playing chess and Chinese Checkers, with just about anyone who would play.

JA found a compass on one of the trails and wore it all weekend so she "wouldn't get lost."

more bubbles

and more chess

Another family brought this quilt and some "my little pet shop" and "my little ponies" for the girls to play with

JT did let other people play chess a couple of times.

but he kept checking in on them. :) (see him there to the left?)

happy baby - after waking up, nursing, and eating breakfast. :)

There, he got the chess board back. 

With JL on the quilt, there were girls of all ages playing together. (11, 9, 9, 6, 3, and 11 months)

Papi's bean bag toss game was frequently in use as well. 
P LOVES JL. He was pretty happy any time they were near each other. 
The 16 kids we camped with, in order by age. JT is hiding almost behind his friend, C, and JMC's friend R is crouched down. Have you ever tried to take a picture of 16 children? It wasn't that easy. I hope one of the other families got a better shot. :)

This was Saturday afternoon. After about 30 minutes at the lake, it began to rain, and didn't stop until early Sunday morning.

JMC in a floatie suit


Papi & Mrs. S. keeping the fire going

JA caught 2 bluegills that she learned to clean and then I grilled up for everyone to try.

Most of the kids hung out in the screened area because it stayed mostly dry. (until the rain blew in sideways!)

It's fuzzy, I know, but I just can't delete that smile.

JL & Mrs. S.  They hung out together while Papi and I cooked supper over the campfire in the rain. That was probably the most fun I had during the entire weekend - cooking with Papi.

JT enjoyed learning/playing different card games.
It looks like I didn't get any pictures of it, but JMC and his friend R, played in the rain quite a bit while we were preparing supper. They had their swimsuits on, and umbrellas, and danced around in the rain and mud puddles. It's amazing how something like that would bother me normally, but when camping, it was really cute. :)

After dinner, JL and  went home for the night. Our tent had leaked directly onto her little camping bed and my sleeping bag. JA slept with Z in a little tent nearby, and Papi and the boys were able to find dry places for themselves to sleep.

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