Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Part of our summer fun is for the kids to learn to cook/bake something new each week. Today was the first day, and they learned to make tortillas. We made the masa, and then learned to make tortillas by hand (my preference), and with the tortilla press (Papi's preference.)

my students :) (JMC, JT, JA)

JL supervising and snacking

Mixing the masa is serious work

A made sure to add her special seasoning blend

Once it feels like play-dough, the masa is ready!

It took longer than expected, and someone began to get sleeping.

Hand-pressed tortillas (grouped, from upper right - JMC, JT, JA, Mami)

Who snuck a bite?


It's a good thing JL didn't fall sleep, she was rewarded with bits of fresh tortilla.

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