Thursday, June 26, 2014

One Year

It's hard to believe, but JL turned one year old! The first 6 months were so difficult, and they followed an extremely difficult pregnancy. The 2nd half of her 1st year was a story of continual improvement, her health, growth, sleep, personality. Now, here we are with a 1 year old, who sleeps at night (a feat accomplished the week before her birthday!), eats what the family eats, and s beginning to talk. She is also beginning to stand without holding on, though we haven't had any unsupported steps yet.

words: hola, mama, *her name*, papa, agua
teeth: bottom 2 with about 6 looking ready to poke through any day now
size: small, but are you surprised? :) 6-9 months in clothes

On her birthday, we celebrated as a family. JA even chose to stay home from camp in order to not miss her sister's 1st birthday! We had birthday pancakes, and presents, and then we had our family pictures taken, along with JL's birthday pictures. We had sorbet for a treat, noodles and ground turkey for dinner, wen swimming, and cupcakes for dessert. Also, in our family, we sing "Las maƱanitas" in the morning before eating our birthday pancakes, and then we sing "Felix cumpleaƱos" before eating our birthday dessert. "Happy Birthday" is for when there are other people celebrating with us. :)

I'll do a separate post for her party, as that has even more pictures, and a couple of videos. :)

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